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Clinical Skills

X-Ray Results

The RMS clinical skills room contains a number of useful resources to aid with practical skills for OCSEs, including blood pressure cuffs, tendon hammers and an examination table for practising physical exams. There are also bone specimens and diagrams for revising anatomy.

The key is available from Enid, our permanent secretary, during office hours. It gets very busy during the run-up to exams, so please contact Council via our Facebook page to arrange access outside of office hours if needed.

X-Ray Results

Every Friday, from 12-7pm, a member of the RMS council will be available to help RMS members with their clinical skills practice. 

Practice your history taking on Zoom or over the phone with a simulated patient, or go through examinations and clinical skills guided by the RMS council member. 

When the RMS rooms are open, you will be able to call us up from the Clinical Skills Room! Click here for the sign up form now.

X-Ray Results







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