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Room Booking Enquiries

The RMS is currently not open due to a full replacement of the ventilation system and COVID. However, we have a few alternatives to room bookings that you may find useful: 





















Outside of the pandemic, the RMS rooms are available for use by other societies and student groups for a fee and security deposit. Committees are welcome to meet informally in the lounge without this, but events needing a space to themselves or any equipment (such as the lecture hall projector) require a booking.


Room Hire Standardised Prices:

Item                                                                   Cost                                                                 Notes

Educational events                                          No fee                                                             Supervision charged at £7/hour*.

Medical profit-making event/social                £50 (up to 4 hours).                                         Supervision charged at £7/hour*.

                                                                          Compulsory refundable deposit

                                                                          of £150. Additional hours +£15/hour.

                                                                          Additional hours must be agreed in

                                                                          advance of the event.

Medical non-profit- making social event        No fee. Compulsory refundable                    Supervision charged at £7/hour*.

                                                                          deposit of £150.

Non-medical profit- making event/social       £200 (up to 4 hours). Compulsory                Supervision charged at £7/hour*.

                                                                          refundable deposit of £50.

                                                                          Additional hours +£15 per hour.

                                                                          Additional hours must be agreed

                                                                          in advance of the event.

*If a council member is willing to cover for free, this charge will be waived.

If a group has not vacated the RMS by the end of their agreed period then their deposit will be subject to additional penalty charges.

If you would like to make a booking, please email with your name, phone number, and society, as well as the type of event and date and time when you would like to book the rooms. Our secretary will then respond to your enquiry and arrange a booking with you if the rooms are available. You can also drop into the office during opening hours.


Gazebo Hire 
RMS members can hire our gazebo for free, with just a £10 deposit! Thermoses and tables provided as well. Email for details

Urban Interior Design

Venue Hire Bursary
RMS members can apply for a bursary to help with venue/room hire for their events. Email for details

Flaming Sword

RMS Gather Rooms
A new way to connect online, coming soon...

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